Electricty Generation by Source - 2000 to 2021

December 2022 #ProjectDataViz Challenge
Published by David Velleca on 1 December 2022

This Month's Theme

For this month, we're looking at global electricity generation by country and source. Once again we're providing the data source and this one should be quite interesting. Our timeframe is 2000 to 2021, right in the middle of an increased focus on the long term impacts of carbon emmissions associated with burning fossil fuels and a push towards clean energy. In the 20+ years of data, will we be able to see evidence of policy changes and energy pacts or agreements? Are some regions, continents or countries well ahead of others in terms of the use of clean and renewable energy? Get into the data to discover the answers to these questions and more!

The data presents the total electricity generated across each fuel source in Terrawatt-hours. One Terrawatt-hour is equivalent to 1 billion of the Killowatt-hours that probably show on your home electricity bill. The data this month comes from Ember, a climate and energy think tank. The supplemental region and continent data is sourced from the UN. Please be sure to cite the data source as Ember on your viz. We're excited to see what the community can do with this dataset!

The Data Source

Our data source is hosted on our Data.World page. We've created an Excel version and a CSV, both should work, just providing both versions in case you want to enrich the data more easily in Excel:

Get Vizzing!

For consideration in the December Viz Roundup, entries will be accepted up until 30th December. Shortly thereafter a review article will be released to summarise and highlight entries.

For your entries, be sure to:

  • Publish on Tableau Public with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to Twitter with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to LinkedIn with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Submit your Viz to Project Data Viz
  • Cite the data source on your viz! The citation for this month should be:
    • Data Source: Ember Climate & Energy Think Tank

Good luck and we look forward to your awesome entries.