Land Use by Crop Type - What's Growing Where?

November 2022 #ProjectDataViz Challenge
Published by David Velleca on 8 November 2022

This Month's Theme

Project Data Viz is excited to present the next challenge to the Tableau community! Again this month, we're providing the data set, one that looks at the harvested area by crop.

Our data comes from the FAO - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and includes a breakout of the area harvested by 8 different high level crop types, across 60 years for 208 countries. Although the dataset is pretty simple, there are several ways you could slice the data and multiple options for a meaningful visualization! We're excited to see what the community can do with this dataset!

The Data Source

Our data source is hosted on our Data.World page. We've created an Excel version and a CSV, both should work, just providing both versions in case you want to enrich the data more easily in Excel:

Get Vizzing!

For consideration in the November Viz Roundup, entries will be accepted up till 28th November. Shortly thereafter a review article will be released to summarise and highlight entries.

For your entries, be sure to:

  • Publish on Tableau Public with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to Twitter with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to LinkedIn with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Submit your Viz to Project Data Viz
  • Cite the data source on your viz! The citation for this month should be:
    • Data Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Good luck and we look forward to your awesome entries.