Viz for Social Good

August 2022 #ProjectDataViz Challenge
Published by Simon Chung on 29 July 2022

This Month's Theme

Project Data Viz is excited to present the first challenge to the Tableau community. This first challenge will be centered around the open theme of 'Social Awareness'.

Create a viz which highlights a particular social issue, whether it is a current topic of discussion or something that is just close to you personally. The objective is to present your insight or perspective in viz form, which should inform and promote discussion and stimulate further investigation for the viewer.

This theme is open to interpretation but a few starter examples may include:

  • Social Economic trends
  • Mental Health
  • Work life balance
  • Demographic Studies, e.g. Gender

For this first viz, there are no restrictions on chart types or design approach. In the spirit of Project Runway challenges, don't be afraid to go out with standard viz design templates and patterns, and be inspired to present your own viz style. Static or interactive vizs, charts or free graphics, there are no limits or restrictions on functionality you may want to include but don’t forget to focus on the message as the focus of the viz should be on conveying your insight or perspective effectively. Get creative and don't be afraid to get conceptual.

A general word for the participating Tableau community is that social subject matter can very often be complex but your viz should be seen by the community as a benevolent effort to present an awareness or perspective, and ultimately to stimulate interest.

The viz should be formatted for desktop consumption (suggested size 1600x900 px), and mobile/tablet formats are optional. There should be enough time to create an impactful viz, but as you are publishing to an audience, don't forget to apply best practice and polish your viz with appropriate tooltips and headers & footers etc where applicable. For professional courtesy don't forget to reference any sources of inspiration and data sources used.

For consideration in the August Viz Roundup, entries will be accepted up till 26th August. Shortly thereafter a review article will be released to summarise and highlight entries.

For your entries, be sure to:

  • Publish on Tableau Public with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to Twitter with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Share to LinkedIn with hashtag #ProjectDataViz
  • Submit your Viz to Project Data Viz

Good luck and we look forward to your awesome entries.